Sanitization Tunnels

Sanitization Tunnels are designed to provide disinfectant solutions designed with an innovative, integrated hydraulic system facilitating atomization of any virus. The Sanitization Tunnels are designed with an atomized liquid spray which can effectively saturate the environment.

Lakshya Signages have thought in length of a situation where a group of persons want to assemble in common areas and built the sanitation tunnels which can contain the virus. The tunnel can be used for spraying employees with mists and disinfectant medicines leading to deep sanitization process. The spray drops have the capacity to penetrate in to any clothing and hence it can stop the spread of infection. These tunnels are user friendly and easy to operate. Sanitization tunnels need to be placed in common areas like malls, hospitals, cinema theatres, schools, airports and garment houses, hotels where the people can pass through them and the disinfectant spray is done using a pipe or metal tube.

For easy accessibility and mobility, the Sanitization tunnels can also be provided with caster wheels if the customer wants it. There are many specifications for the designing sanitization tunnels and we customize it based on the client requirements and usage.

Leading Printing, Sign Board Manufacturers in Delhi
Leading Printing, Sign Board Manufacturers in Delhi
Leading Printing, Sign Board Manufacturers in Delhi
Sanitization tunnels are regarded as one of effective access control system to contain the spread of COVID 19.
You can talk to our expert team and place order for Sanitization Tunnels based on your customized technical specifications and requirements.

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