Hoardings are an obvious cost-effective solution for consumer branding to reach maximum target audience. Lakshya signages offer hoarding services with fencing panels customized for outdoor branding and also extends it to eye-catching bespoke hoarding installations.


Hoarding can create an air of curiosity among customers and can generate leads to business. At Lakshya Signages we help the retailers to install hoardings for their developmental projects. The heritage of the brand can be depicted with bigger size bespoke hoarding adding a prestigious outlook to the customers.

We have esteemed clients from property development industries who prefer directional graphic designs on the hoardings to attract the customers. We ensure necessary safety precautions while installing hoardings, especially in a site perspective. Our hoarding designs have safety panels that act as a backdrop for warning against any instance of noncompliance.

Our design experts feel that bespoke hoarding is a better choice as it can be enhanced with illumination or graphic overlays or bespoke substrates depicting meaning creative based on logo. Lakshya Signages has done many hoarding projects across the country and has ensured complete compliance to quality.

Our hoarding designs have a high degree of visibility and can help the clients to promote their brand in diverse markets. At Lakshya Signages, we understand that you need to build your brand to build your business and hence we install the hoardings effectively for brand promotions and instant recognition of the brand.

If you want a hoarding for your business, please do call us at+919711137810/9899978685 and we will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled.

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