Frosted Films

We are pioneers in offering glass film branding with absolute creativity and customizations.


Lakshya Signages offers multicolor frosted manifestations that can complement the interior colours of the brand using high-speed precision plotters. To build up the aesthetic sense of your brand, Lakshya Signages also add a cultural element in its design based on customer’s requests using etching frosted glass films. We also use a super combo of the cutout and printed manifestations by combining two types of films in the same glass piece and shadow the image with an opaque film. 

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Many customers liked our artistic sense and opt for our digital printing solutions. Our customers opt for an optically clear printed film in order to have a variation in the design. This is done when a transparent image appears to be printed directly into the glass film.

Digital printing can be calibrated and formatted for specific films to get the colour scheme and image design. Our team works closely with the graphics team and brainstorm on the various options of glass manifestation including the multiple design options and state of art techniques. Our frosted films branding has gained more momentum in the creative branding space in order to attract the target audience.

If you want to enhance your brand presence using frosted films, please call us and we will be happy to provide you the desired service. You can choose your frosting options with glazing effects; sandblasted effect in terms of various factors like decorative sense and cost-effectiveness.

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