COVID19 Products

Lakshya Signages is one stop solution for all your safety needs. Our products like face masks, Sanitation stands and Sanitation tunnels are widely used by offices, shops and Corporate. 


Lakshya Signages is committed to help the citizens of India by manufacturing special COVID products and restrict the spread of the virus. WE always thrive to provide better service to our people and have researched well on the requirements for combating against COVID 19.  Our customized solutions were designed to protect people from COVID 19 and it is our first step towards flattening the curve. Our expert designers have researched and designed face masks which can also act as face shields to stop the virus spread. The usage of Sanitizers is increased as a sign of precaution and we have manufactured effective Sanitizer stand with innovative design.

We have a strong sense of gratitude to all our health workers and that is sole reason for manufacturing mask, sanitizer stands and sanitizer tunnels. We have these products well on stock and can ship to any desired location. Our Sanitization tunnels are in demand and are available in all sizes based on customer requirements. They are an extremely effective access control system and can be placed at the entry and exit points of common gathering areas likes: Hospitals, Police Stations, Shopping Malls, and Temples etc. It is very important for public places to monitor the people entering in common area and it acts as a safe spot for sanitation and cleaning purposes.

COVID products from Lakshya Signages are wonderful “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative and have gained more momentum with our customers across the country. We also offer a free consultation with the company to understand their requirements and suggest suitable COVID products based on the requirements of the companies.

Do you want to safeguard your employees from COVID 19 and provide them with a secured office environment?

If “Yes” they request a quote and order your COVID 19 products.

We take orders from Corporate, Malls, Schools, small offices and residential gated communities etc.

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    Let us be safe and stay with caution using Sanitizers and masks and practice social distancing and ensure safety for our CORONA WARRIORS.