Bus stand Signages

Then Lakshya Signages comes to your rescue. Our experts have designed effective information processing systems that update the passengers on the arrival and departure of vehicles, update the delays in a timely manner and process the schedules proactively with the digital display signages. We have installed many Bus stand signages providing passenger information systems and travel alerts. Our Bus Stand signages come with an innovative way finding map to help the passengers to navigate along with the route of the bus.


We have also taken a step forward to generate more revenue by facilitating advertisements on our digital signage displays. Innovation and technology need to go hand in hand and hence we have initiated update systems for passengers in terms of safety and security by integrating the emergency system along with the network of Bus stand signages. In a real-time perspective, the vehicle arrival and departure notification are possible by integrating the automatic vehicle location system with the bus stand signages using an effective vehicle tracking technology. Our bus stand signages make your brand visible and reach out to the maximum audience. We are a socially responsible company and we ensure that there is innovative message cascaded using the latest technology through our bus stand signages.

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